Skin + Body

Skin + Body

The Pamper Me Facial


75 Min

The Pamper Me Facial

The choice for indulging your mind and body. This facial starts with a relaxing Swedish Facial Massage to allow your body and mind to focus on your comfort and serenity.

Then we move on to our beautifying facial treatment. This facial includes: a steam double cleanse, tone, skin analysis, enzyme masque, extraction, hydrating masque and then we finish  with professional products. You’ll step off the bed, feeling refreshed with glowing skin!

Main Benefits: Relaxation, Exfoliation, Increased Blood Circulation
*Can be modified to accommodate clients with rosacea or acne.

Instant Glow Dermaplaning Facial


60 Min

Instant Glow Dermaplaning Facial

Suffering from dull skin? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Here’s what you get with the Instant Glow Dermaplane:

We start off with a thorough skin cleansing. It comes with a relaxing facial cleansing massage to wash away the dirt from your skin and melt away your stress. The massage stimulates the skin and encourages blood flow while releasing muscle tension you didn’t even know you were holding on to.

We then perform the dermaplane procedure using a disposable surgical blade. This procedure gets rid of dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) responsible for dull looking skin due to the mild shadow it creates. The featherlight strokes and repetitive stimulation is soothing and relaxing for most clients.

We finish off with an LED light treatment (BLUE) to kill acne causing bacteria underneath the skin and (RED) to stimulate collagen production. Enjoy a light head massage during this treatment.

Add On:

Hydrojelly Masque & Swedish Facial Massage
Choose 1 of our 12 hydrojelly masques from our facial bar. Enjoy this nutrient packed mask to nourish your freshly dermaplaned skin. Bonus: each masque is wonderfully scented for an aromatheraphy experience. (+30 min / $50)

Skin Perfecting Treatments

1 Session


4 Sessions


6 Sessions


Skin Perfecting Treatments

Get the chemical peel corrective results without the harsh aftereffects. This is our solution to common skin problems such as dullness, blemishes, acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots and imperfections. The formula we use are especially calibrated to protect the skin while targeting skin problems.

While a series of 4-6 weekly treatments are highly-recommended for best results, you will walk away with noticeable results after just 1 treatment. 

Included with 4 or more sessions:

Illuminating renewal lotion. Gently removes dead and dull skin cells leaving an even and vital complexion as well as a smoother and more uniform skin. 

One of the following:

Plus one of the following:

Purifying and uniforming concentrate ideal for blemishes caused by acne and impure skin, and for treating scars and imperfections. Azelaic acid stimulates cell renewal, prevents bacterial overgrowth and helps tighten pores. Vitamin PP reduces dark spots and discolorations, for a more uniform complexion. Ideal for a smoother, even skin texture.

New generation anti-age concentrate containing EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), naturally found in the skin, specifically micro-encapsulated to promote the delivery to the deeper layers of the epidermis. Stimulates the cell renewal and collagen production, reducing the depth of the wrinkles. For a firmer, more supple and more radiant skin.

A pure and micro-encapsulated retinol concentrate with a powerful anti-ageing and anti imperfection action. The special encapsulation technology protects the retinol from the degradation, delivers it through the various layers of the skin and promotes its gradual release over time, for a prolonged and more gentle effect on the skin. Specially designed to combat wrinkles, dark spots, uneven complexion, post-acne scars and dilated pores. Re-textures the skin giving it a more youthful, revitalised appearance.

Performance Ingredients

Hydroxy acids have been widely used in professional skin regeneration treatments for years: they smooth and retexturize the skin and visibly reduce a variety of imperfections.

Glycolic acid is the most well-known of all hydroxy acids as its very small molecular structure gives it the ability to penetrate in depth, stimulating cell renewal in the epidermis and other layers of the skin where it stimulates the production of new collagen, combating the signs of ageing and photo-ageing (wrinkles, dark spots, scar tissue, dull and uneven complexion).

Mandelic acid, which is very effective against wrinkles, different types of dark spots, imperfections, acne scars, dilated pores, impure skin and blackheads, is also widely used. With a larger molecular structure than glycolic acid, it is gentler on the skin, causes less redness and burning, and is often well tolerated by relatively sensitive and hyper-pigmented skin. In medicine, it is also used to treat rosacea and inflammatory acne.

However, the most innovative of all hydroxy acids is gluconolactone, a cyclic polyhydroxy acid that occurs naturally in the skin, especially in young people, that regulates skin renewal. In both cosmetic formulations and in the skin, this cyclic molecule releases an acid group that gently promotes the calibrated removal of dead cells, reducing irritation, itching and pruritus. The molecule also has powerful antioxidant properties, which make it ideal for combating the signs of ageing.

In the wake of the most innovative medical and aesthetic practices, the RESURFACE2 range combines glycolic acid, mandelic acid and gluconolactone. The combination balances and boosts the properties of each acid while safely respecting the skin’s natural balance. HA ANTI-IRRITANT SYSTEM, a cell protectionsystem with anti-irritant properties, which markedly reduces undesirable effects and maintains optimal skin hydration, has been added to further improve skin tolerance to the exfoliating formulations.

It reactivates the skin regeneration processes and rebalances the skin micro-environment:

  • Deep down, it stimulates skin renewal while maintaining the activity of stem cells, the skin’s “youth capital”.
  • On the surface, it protects the skin’s microbiome, the “invisible world of good bacteria” present on the surface of the skin and essential for maintaining healthy skin and protecting it from external agents. For rebalanced and deeply regenerated skin.

EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)

Epidermal growth factor, found naturally in human skin. Intensely stimulates the production of new collagen, strengthens the skin barrier and gives the skin a more youthful, revitalised appearance.

Pure micro-encapsulated retinol. The special encapsulation preserves its properties so that it is more delicate and well-tolerated by the skin. Retinol encourages skin regeneration and is one of the main cosmetic substances used to prevent the formation of wrinkles, sebum-normalise the skin, reduce the visibility of various types of imperfections and retexturize the skin.

Ideal for impure skin and for acne scars. Counteracts the proliferation of bacteria associated with acne and impure skin, stimulates cell renewal, evens out skin texture, minimises acne scars and imperfections and prevents the formation of new comodones.

Also known as vitamin B3 or niacinamide, Vitamin PP has many beneficial effects on our skin: it accelerates cell differentiation and wound healing; it improves the skin’s barrier function; it has sebum-normalising properties; it has anti-inflammatory properties; it stimulates collagen and elastin production and has illuminating and anti-stain properties, especially in acne-scarred skin.